Budget Meal Developers Laptop

Probably the laptop you might look on a tight budget

As a developer who works for almost 3 to 4 years in the industry which doesn’t really have a permanent hobby to go with every weekends or free time. A laptop or a computer should be a must for me. As a person who is much interested to browse or to do anything with a computer is much better than going outside.

Without an own system unit for a developer could be a disadvantage for the scenarios like emergency updates to the company projects or so freelance projects that you may have on your network that you can do on your free time or off work days.

2018 when i join a start up company where i became a pioneer for me to give my opinions on every thing in building the company, sharing opinion for the location or even the specs of the laptops we can buy on a cheap price.

I remember that we avail Lenovo Thinkpad T430 for us developers that time with a specs of i5 3rd gen, 256gb SSD and 8gb RAM then eventually they provide me a T450 unit which is way more lighter since I’m carrying my laptop everyday due to some urgent tasks. For me this i a great specs for budget refurbished laptop where we avail for only 15,000 Pesos or less than $300.

After 1 year and a half working with that company i dont have any chance to avail a same budget laptop i have on that company due to they provide me the laptop which i can bring at home as well as that time most of the refurbish laptop with that specs is $400 or almost the same what I’m earning that time with that company.

Now after i join another company my problem is i dont have my own laptop to use but the company said that they can provide me a working pc for the office for me to use. But i do expect that someday that their should be an emergency scenario that i need to be available even I’m at home so i try look again on Facebook Marketplace and groups which sells refurbish laptops with a great specs.

By this time my always reference is a laptop which is Thinkpad since i do already work with 2 models of them before and perform perfectly, at least i5 for the processor, at least 8gb RAM because i know this is a must for our line fo work and last is a SSD storage due to SSD performs well than a HDD.

Then after a long time of  bargaining with the sellers to make the price cheaper. I luckily found a seller which only sell a Lenovo Thinkpad L430 for only 9000 Pesos or less than $200 with the specs of i5 3rd gen, 8gb RAM and 256gb SSD. Perfectly the same which i was looking for and also way more cheaper than other.

The same day i deal with the seller and meet up in front of our office in mid night (1am) Because i know that if ever i let this oppurtunity slip then it may take time again for me to find with this specs and very low price.

I’ll make a new post about my review on the unit i purchased from the seller.