My Lenovo Thinkpad L430

What's with my Lenovo Thinkpad L430?

In my last article, I share that I have luckily availed a budget meal developer laptop on Facebook Marketplace.

Now let’s check what is the inclusion of the laptop we avail. It has a brand new battery for L430 and the laptop itself.

As per checking the laptop is on 8.5 – 9.0 / 10 condition

Intel core i5-3330m
8gb ram
256gb SSD
Intel HD 4000
Brandnew battery

I haven’t tested the laptop fully upon meet up due to I have an ongoing meeting at the office by that time. But still, I just check on dxdiag the processor, ram and memory then just quick questions then it’s done.

Then once I’m already on home I can fully check the laptop. Everything is fine and clean my request Microsoft office tools are already pre-installed. My only observation as flaws for this unit are:
1. There are some scratches on the Kensington lock area which is I really don’t care because it doesn’t affect the process of the laptop :D.

2. The laptop volume is not that great knowing that the speaker is on the bottom part of the front face view of the laptop, But still, it’s okay. If it works then its good to go.

3. Last is the time on the laptop does always change even its automatic update. Not really an issue just my observations 😀

Anyway, the items above can be totally forgotten due to the screen, keyboard and touchpad work well plus you need also to think that I only pay 9000 Pesos or less than $200.

Since the laptop works well I’m sure that I can really recommend the seller of this laptop to my colleagues if ever they need one. So far no major issue encounter will keep you posted once we have one.