Manila EAST WP Meetup Session

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Manila EAST WP Meetup Session for the month of October

Finally after trying to join 3 Sessions on this meet up. I finally made it 😀

Thanks for the time WP Guys around Manila East.

I have meet a group of persons who works on different kind of field and luckily having a surprise talk from Bingo Ventura a SEO Guru 🙂

Thankyou for your sharing sir. As well as to Sir Carl Alberto the organizer of the small meet up and who share a great background story of WordPress here in Philippines and in the World 🙂

Looking forward to meet you guys on the next meet up


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(Photo credits: Bingo Ventura)

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The Collab Studio

EAC Building, Palmera Ave., Palmera 1 · Taytay

White building on the left inside Palmera Hills Subd

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