New toy for My Father Dear

My Father's new BARAKO II 175cc

Finally after more or less 30 years.

Retire na din ang motor ni papa. As per papa the motor is gift from our Lola and his sisters for their family business and for his as a Tricycle Drivers here at Antipolo

Now , Due the years past by the tricycle became old as well as my father. Most of the time he needs to kick start the motor 20x more or less before the motor engine start which makes him hard to breathe. 

My Aunties (My Father Sisters) surprise our father by giving a call from our Tita Budik for him to canvas a motorcycle which is Electic Start or has a push start button for him to lessen the usage of the kick start function of the motor because they are contributing for my fathers new motor.

November 05 morning. My Aunties are calling me to tell my father that they have already deposited the money for the new motor

On the afternoon we already avail the new BARAKO II Electric 175 cc @ MOTORTRADE near Antipolo Church

After 3 to 4 weeks. We can have already the permit to use the motor on the main road.

Thanks to my sponsor TITAs 😀
Masaya si papa sa motor nya na bago 🙂