My Lucky Wallet

My OLD and NEW Lucky Wallet (Birthday Gift)

I receive  a very special gift,

On July 2017, My Family and I take a vacation on Baguio since my mother we’re on leave since she is working on another country

One time when we’re on Baguio Grotto (not sure of the name) the one tourist destination on Baguio which has a big amount of steps until you reach the grotto at the top.

On the top of the Grotto while we’re taking rest on we see a bunch of items for sale which is they said the skin of the horse. Here’s where the sales talk comes in. The seller show me a wallet which he said is an authentic leather wallet by testing it with a fire.

He tries to put a lighter fire below the wallet. He said that if it’s a fake leather the waller should be burn because of the fire but since its authentic, it shows me that it doesn’t show me any burn marks.

and then I’m already convinced. I think i buy the wallet for around 400 to 500 pesos. For me, it’s a bit expensive for a wallet but since I don’t have one by that time then I avail one.

For more than 2 years I’m using my wallet for everyday use my wallet tear up and become fragile. Even my co-works and friends tell me to change my wallet since it does not look great for me to use that wallet.

But my only reason why I don’t change another wallet is I think the wallet is lucky for me because it never became empty for me even 20 pesos.

A month before my birthday my father and sisters already teasing me that they have already a gift for my birthday even its less than a month before the day.

They also said I should be excited about their gift. This makes me think of what was that gift and they also said that even i would not even think to avail the gift they give me.

Until on the day of my birthday. They gave a new wallet an expensive one and then i explain why i don’t want to have a new wallet due to i think it’s lucky for me.

But my father told me that luck is on the person not on the item which most of the time true.

Now I’m already using my new wallet but still kept my old luck wallet for the future use